Salesforce gender equality

Salesforce gender equality

Benioff sets the stage for the values he wants to see instilled in his company, and his leadership team follows suit. In the end, his employees benefit. While those awards should be proof enough of how employees feel about Salesforce, there are certain distinguishing features that make other companies jealous.

I break it down into three key areas:. With Ohana ingrained into the Salesforce DNA, they "collaborate, take care of one another, have fun together, and work to leave the world a better place. They call their integrated philanthropic approach the "" model. Salesforce donates 1 percent of its software, 1 percent of its equity, and 1 percent of its employees' time to pay it forward.

As a result, Salesforce has topped a list of workplaces that give back. Salesforce has committed to the philosophy of treating its employees fairly and puts a lot of effort into making sure all employees are valued and rewarded.

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At the end of the day, Salesforce gets the best work out of its people because of its culture of putting people first. Like this column? Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post. The opinions expressed here by Inc.We believe businesses can be powerful platforms for social change and that our higher purpose is to drive equality for all.

There's a lot of work to be done, but with the help of our employees, partners, customers, and communities — we can achieve EqualityForAll.

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We strive to create workplaces that reflect the communities we serve, where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic self to work. Building a culture of equality in your company helps employees succeed while creating deeper customer connections.

Follow our ally practices of asking, listening, showing up, and speaking up to take meaningful action and deepen your impact. Businesses driven by values are gaining the affinity of customers and employees as social-impact initiatives become increasingly important in our world. See how your business can shine.

Connect with SalesforceEQ and help pave the path to Equality. Learn how together we are championing gender equality in the workplace. Watch highlights from our Second-Annual Representation Matters event, featuring luminary Trailblazers from underrepresented communities. Hear authentic stories from Salesforce's employees, customers, partners, and community members about the journey to EqualityForAll. Get everything you need to host an equality workshop. All rights reserved.

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salesforce gender equality

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Some examples include: cookies used for remarketing, or interest-based advertising. Equality Creating a culture of equality isn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do.

Learn More. Equality is a core value at Salesforce. Inspire inclusivity at work. Get started. Consumers believe businesses have a responsibility to look beyond profit and improve the state of the world. Practice Inclusive marketing. Drive customer and employee loyalty through social impact. Read the report. Social Speak up and be heard.

salesforce gender equality

Video Women's Trailblazing Summit.About 10 mins. Thank you for choosing to complete the Cultivate Equality at Work trail and taking a step on the path to furthering Equality for All.

salesforce gender equality

At Salesforce, we believe the business of business is to make the world a better place and that companies can be powerful platforms for social change. We also believe that it is our higher purpose to create a world where everyone has equal rights, equal pay, equal access to education, and equal opportunities to succeed. We are working together with our entire community—customers, partners, employees, industry, and so on—to build a path forward.

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There are many steps on this journey, and we recognize that we do not have all the answers; however, we wanted to share with you what we have learned along the way. In this trail we share research on the impact of Equality on your bottom line and your culture, what unconscious bias means and how it widens Equality gaps, how to champion Equality at work, and what it takes to be an Equality ally in the workplace. More and more business leaders are seeing that cultivating Equality is not just the right thing to do, but also the smart thing.

Data shows that customers and employees expect companies to drive Equality and that it has a tangible impact on the bottom line. Those are pretty significant returns! As you begin to have brave and sometimes difficult conversations about Equality, language matters. Agreeing on common terms and learning the correct or thoughtful language to use in these dialogues ensures that they are effective and respectful.

Diversity is the full range of ways a person can identify. When we say diversity in the workplace, we mean the idea that our companies reflect the communities we serve. Diversity has many facets including race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, age, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation.

Diversity also includes people with differing educational backgrounds, personality types, cultural references, experiences, or physical abilities. Inclusion is when every single person in the community is valued, heard, respected, empowered, and feels a true sense of belonging. It goes beyond tolerance to actually celebrating and elevating every person in the room. According to the Center for American Progress, here are the top 10 ways diversity in the workplace influences a company.

In a report by Salesforce Research, The Impact of Equality and Values-Driven Business, companies that actively work to make their cultures more inclusive are better positioned to achieve strong customer loyalty as well as boost employee engagement and productivity.Here are their lessons learned on driving change in gender equality, equal pay and racial equality within Salesforce.

Want to see more content like this session? Join us for SaaStr Annual Leyla Seka: Good Morning. We are very, very sorry that we are late. Traffic in the Bay Area is a bit of a beast. What can we say? Molly Ford : Molly Ford. Leyla Seka : Yes. So Molly and I, we were actually on Twitter last week. I was running what we call the AppExchange at Salesforce, which is like our app store, and I got a new job running a business unit called desk.

And Molly was my PR lead, so we worked together all the time. So I had been talking about equal pay for awhile, and Molly and I were on a train. And it was about two years old, it had been in some PowerPoint slides. Leyla, I have this great idea. Do you want to see it? Do you want to hear about it? Send it to me. You gave it to someone. So I had been thinking about equal pay. Leyla Seka: So Cindy had a one-on-one with Marc, and she invited me, and we got all ready and we went to the one-on-one, and we sat there.

And the crux of the conversation was about equal pay. We would never have that. But do it, make it happen. So we got the approval to do it and then sort of began the real work. Molly Ford : The point I want to call out here is when we talk about mentorship versus sponsorship, notice what Leyla did for me.

Leyla Seka: Right. So this was a big deal for Salesforce. We stood up for equal pay, we did the equality summit, we did a lot of things on this, and we sort of, as we like to do as a company, started flexing our muscle around this. And in the flexing that muscle, which Molly, Cindy, myself, all of us were a big part of, the notion of hiring a Chief Equality Officers sort of came to fruition. And that work started to be noticed that I was the person behind some of our narratives, writing, kind of helping tell those stories.

How are you moving through the company culture? And that kind of led to becoming an actual official equality team. Leyla Seka: Which Molly was the first member of.The event featured luminary business leaders, authors, equality advocates and actors who came together to elevate the conversation around gender equality.

The Trailblazing Women Summit, in partnership with Deloitte Digitalwas streamed virtually and reached millions of online viewers.

How we did it: Gender Equality, Equal Pay, and Racial Equality with Salesforce (Video + Transcript)

The event was an important opportunity to empower the current and next generation of women leaders as we work toward creating a more equal world for all.

If I let some things go down on my watch, I can't call myself an activist but then not do anything. I'm going to get a seat at this table, but I'm really just taking up space to protect my privilege.

I'm really not actually interested in centering the most marginalized of us. The typewriter was created by a woman who was blind so that she had some way to write. Text messaging was created when mobile was released so that deaf people could actually use mobile. If you get to the table, pull up as many chairs as you can. It was my manager, it was skip levels of management, it was HR, right, because they know some of the tea that I don't know.

I realized that success is not a solo sport. We are all on this journey together to Equality for all — learn more about our Inclusive Leadership Practices and how to champion Equality in business: Salesforce. March 9, The event reached over two million online viewers.

How we did it: Gender Equality, Equal Pay, and Racial Equality with Salesforce (Video + Transcript)

By Tia Joseph. Here are 5 key takeaways from the Trailblazing Women Summit panels:. Use your voice to drive positive social change. Include diverse perspectives to create innovative solutions. Pull up a seat at the table for others. Find your squad and support system. More News.Discover Videos. Build custom, voice-powered apps for every role and industry. Get a single, actionable view of your customer.

Hear from leaders who inspire, shape, and impact our world. A sponsor is a person in a position of power that is willing to make a deep investment in you. Sponsors identify your potential, make an investment in your growth and actively advocate for your career.

Research from CTI estimates that employees with sponsors are 23 percent more likely to move up in their careers than those without sponsors. In this session, you will hear from successful leaders —both women and men — that have risen to the C-suite rank and the sponsors that have helped them along the way. You will come away with actionable insight to be able to identify a sponsor, gain their trust and secure their endorsement to move your career forward.

Watch the latest videos from Salesforce. The Ethical and Humane Use of Technology. Our industry is facing an inflection point, and we believe the tech industry has an urgent responsibility to help shape the future. Celebrating Trailblazers at Salesforce. Southwest Airlines is a Trailblazer.

Southwest Airlines is a Trailblazer in empowering employees to provide better service. We're Stronger as Us. We're Stronger as Allies. We are stronger together. Learn more about Salesforce's commitment to creating a more equal world for all. Ellevest: Changing How Women Invest. See how Salesforce is helping companies of every size get on the path to their best business.

Over 2, videos to explore Discover Videos. See all videos.Equality is a core value at Salesforce. We believe that businesses can be powerful platforms for social change and that it is our responsibility to further Equality for all. We strive to create a workplace that reflects the diverse communities we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work.

Clearly, there is more work to be done, but together we can build the path to Equality for All. Foundational to this journey is understanding the data. In the spirit of transparency and accountability, we publish our diversity data annually.

We are announcing a new goal and strategies to accelerate growth and drive change within our company. We established an Office of Ethical and Humane Use as part of our Office of Equality to help ensure our products are developed and used in a way that is ethical and upholds the fundamental human rights of every individual.

Women's Network. These categories are not necessarily representative of how our industry or workforce is organized. The information provided on our Equality page is a more accurate representation of our progress toward diversity.

To align with U.

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Salesforce deeply respects that gender is non-binary; reporting in this manner should not represent our position on the issue. In the U. Building a Workplace That Reflects Society. Everyone has a role to play on the path to Equality — we encourage our employees to Ask, Listen, Show Up, and Speak Up as allies to one another.

Where We Are Today. Global Employee Gender Representation. Employee Gender Representation. Employee Race and Ethnicity Representation. Women Our Observations: Areas of Progress. Populations of underrepresented minorities and women have increased and outpaced the rapid growth of Salesforce. Half of new college graduate hires in the U. Half of our employees are in. Our Observations: Areas of Opportunity. Accelerating the pace of growth of our underrepresented minority population Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Multiracial.

Underrepresented Minorities represent